i believe in sharing knowledge & art as freely as humanly possible. i do some of my dharma in the gift economy.

I love to teach and spew knowledge no matter what I've been hired to do. I'm wired to teach. I'm not wired to be the Wolf of Wall Street. My mentality towards my work has always given me pause and I've had a perpetual unease as a business woman for many years.

Once I discovered the Gift Economy, I realized I wasn't alone. Many others have felt and expressed the same uneasy feeling in placing monetary dollar amounts on their work before ever providing value to the receiver.

I simply never had the right scenario to implement such a risky model before. Now I do. So I am. I like the concept of removing the monetary conversations attached to work we’re passionate about and would produce regardless of the money in our bank afterwards.

support the journey

Throwing down knowledge and teaching tech is my jam. I do most of this work for the joy of it and usually over coffee. If you're so inclined to pay it forward through the gift economy...here are the ways that make us smile.

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